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Safety is paramount even during your daily commute. Keeping this in mind we have designed the Holeshot to offer comfort along with protection even during your day-to-day commute. Holeshot offers high airflow through the 3D air mesh panel on the back of your hand and between the fingers yet provides maximum protection by incorporating perforated goatskin leather on the palm. In addition, we have integrated KNOX SPS sliders as well on the palm to prevent Scaphoid injuries caused by the grab effect when the palm comes in contact with the road in case of a fall.


The Holeshot Uses Goatskin leather that is durable , light and natural  water resistant . It is the most comfortable leather to use in gloves due to its suppleness . We kept the thickness of the leather to the highest level possible (1.2 to 1.5mm) to ensure enhanced abrasion resistance .

Knox sps

scaphoid injuries are the most common hand injury in motorcycle accident . These are caused by the  grab effect when the palm of the hand makes contact with the ground . We chose the low profile Knox sps 303 for the holeshot is because it is small enough to not interfere during day to day  use but  at the  same time offer  much needed protection   to the  scaphoid  area . Because it is important , we worked with knox to ensure we get the placement of the sps absolutely correct final production samples were physically  verified at the knox headquarters  in london for approval before the production run .

Tpu Protectors

Tpu protector are placed over the knuckles on the holeshot to ensure they are well protected by absorbing  the impact foam layer is placed under the tpu protector for comfort

Silicone Grip

The Holeshot has an engineered  super grip silicone panel  attached at the purlicue  (the area between forefinger and thumb ) which much offer much superior grip on the bars . Most other gloves have heat transfer branding details in the area that doesn’t  significantly improve grip . You can run your finger on the grip panel to check this . Having a gripper palm allows you to hold the bars lightly while ensuring you are able to operate the throttle smoothly .

Touch Screen Friendly .

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