The Idea

The idea of Moto Republic originated several years ago when we decided to invest in quality riding gear. But wherever we went, we met people trying to sell us the expensive gear that was way beyond what our pockets allowed. We realized there was no one to guide us in the right direction and decided to one day open a store of our own and help bikers choose the safest riding gear.

Who we are

Moto Republic is not just another store selling motorcycle gear, we are a bunch of seasoned, passionate, crazy, wannabe, been-there-done-that kind of bikers willing to go the extra mile to help you find the ride safety gear and accessories to fit your budget, your bike, and your riding style.

Snell vs ICE rating, Level 1 vs Level 2 protectors, Chinese vs European, Road vs Touring jackets, the world of riding gear is full of daunting and incomprehensible jargons. We cut the bullshit to help you make the decision to invest in the best gear for the times you take a tumble.

We don’t move with the herd and sell only the brands and products that we have tried and tested ourselves (literally). Yet, we have a wide range of helmets, riding jackets, riding pants, riding gloves, riding boots, knee guards, saddle bags, riding accessories, bike engine oils, and bike lubricants for you to choose from. We treat our customers as our biking brothers.

Our Vision

To help bikers find the best quality riding gear in their budget to make their riding experience safe and comfortable.