We deliver all of our new products with the standard factory warranty taken care by individual manufacturer. So in case you have a malfunction with a product  -within this period or after- please do not hesitate to contact us.

We always strive to find an appropriate solution and assist you in the claims process.

You can contact us by email at customersupport@motorepublic.in.

Besides that we are available by phone during the business hours of the store at +91 9370227348/8308830727.

The invoice you receive in the shop or with your online order is your warranty.
So kindly preserve the original invoice for all future claims if any.

  • Physical damage/abrasion or any signs of gear abuse will not be valid for a warranty claim.
  • Product warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty and the brand / manufacturer / distributor / importer / company has the right to accept or reject a claim at their sole discretion.
  • Product warranty is the sole responsibility of the respective brand / manufacturer / distributor / importer / company.
  • Moto Republic India cannot be held responsible if a product manufacturer / brand denies or rejects a claim.
  • Warranty is limited to manufacturing defects only as per guidelines mentioned by individual manufacturer.
  • Claims without any invoice cannot be addressed.
  • Shipping charges (if any) of products to be claimed are to be borne by the customer.
    Moto Republic India is not liable to ship / transport any items under a warranty claim.
  • Note:Certain products on discounts/clearance/special sale or specifically mentioned in their description have NO Warranty

All items purchased at the store or in our web store, which are offered for warranty examination must be issued and picked up in the store in Pune.


Here are a few simple rules to keep your gear in top condition. We advise you to treat your garments with special motor wash and care products. Follow the instructions on the package carefully and you will have long lasting satisfaction of your outfit!


  • Always air your leather garments well after use.
  • Never store leather in an airtight plastic bag or container.
  • Never wash or dry clean leather.
  • Do not expose leather to intense heat or direct sunlight.
  • Always clean your leather thoroughly with special cleaner products.
  • Treat your leathers, at least twice a year, with leather afterwards to protect and feed your smooth leather garments. It will help preserve the water- and dirt-resistant qualities of leather.
  • Use a leather spray to preserve the leather’s natural water-resistance and fully protect all types of leather against water and stains, while maintaining its breathability.


  • The maintenance of textile garments requires special attention, especially when they contain waterproof and breathable membranes.
  • Fully protect your waterproof textile garment against water and stains, while maintaining
    the breathability of the garments, with waterproof textile spray.
  • Your textile and waterproof garments can be washed. Never in the machine and use special textile wash. This detergent gently removes stains, without the risk of damage to the membranes and breathable fabrics.
  • Never machine wash waterproof or breathable membranes.
  • Never rub waterproof or breathable membranes.
  • Do not expose waterproof or breathable membranes to intense heat or direct sunlight.


Shell Cleaning

Only use approved methods to clean the helmet. Using other unapproved chemicals or methods may damage the helmet shell or lining. A damaged helmet may increase your risk of serious injury or death in an accident.

Glossy Finish:

  • Moto Republic recommends cleaning your helmet with products designed for automotive cleaning and polishing.
    Most helmets are finished with an automotive type base coat/clear coat finish. Rubbing compounds can be used for deep cleaning to remove many scratches and scuffs. Follow the product’s instructions diligently.
  • Over polishing with rubbing compounds can cause light abrasions which may dull the finish of your helmet.
  • Stickers and decals will leave adhesive residue when removed. To remove the adhesive residue, use alcohol swabs.
  • Be certain to immediately wipe away the excess liquid and clean the area with soap and water once the adhesive residue is removed.
  • Do not use excessive pressure while rubbing when attempting to remove the adhesive residue, instead use multiple light treatments.

Non-Glossy Finish:

  • For flat finish (non-glossy) helmets, we recommend using warm water and mild soap.
  • Use multiple treatments for heavier dirt.
  • Do not use excessive pressure or rubbing compounds while cleaning the surface as a “glossy” effect could be created, ruining the flat finish appearance.

Interior Cleaning

Although we recommend changing a helmet every 3 to 5 years, the accumulation of sweat, humidity, and dirt can deteriorate the fabric and stitching and this may cause odor.

  • To wash helmets with removable pads, Moto Republic recommends regular washing and air drying.
  • For non-removable interiors, Moto Republic recommends using bacteria and mildew eliminating products.

Vent Cleaning

  • Dirt and debris can find its way into the venting of your helmet.
  • Compressed air cans used for cleaning computer keyboards may be used to blow the debris from the ventilation system.
  • It is recommended that you remove any removable pads before doing this process.

Shield Care & Cleaning


  • Moto Republic does not recommend cleaning any shield with spray on type chemical cleaners.
    A reaction between shield and cleaning chemical is possible, resulting in haze build-up and distortion.
  • Moto Republic recommends washing the shield with warm water and soft cloth only.
  • We also recommend cleaning the shield as soon as possible after dirt and debris have accumulated.
    Do not let debris sit on the shield for any extended period of time. If debris has accumulated over time, it is recommended to clean the shield in several applications.
    This allows the debris to break down with every application.
  • Excessive rubbing can lead to scratching as the hard debris can act as a scuffing agent.
    The same can occur if low grade rigid paper towels are used.

Anti-Fog Inserts:

Certain models use after market anti-fog inserts such as Pinlock.
Follow the installation instructions diligently.
Care instructions to maintain your lenses can be found here

Replacement Parts

Use of replacement parts not manufactured by official brand of your helmet may increase your risk of serious injury or death in an accident. Only use genuine parts that are specifically designed to work with your helmet.

Do Not Modify Your Helmet

Modifying your helmet may increase your risk of serious injury or death in an accident. Do not modify your helmet.

Modifications include the following:

  • drilling holes
  • cutting shell, liner, or strap
  • modifying the retention system, including adding a chin cup
  • removing parts
  • painting; and
  • attaching accessories that are not manufactured by the helmet brand

If you have any questions about modifications, please email us at customersupport@motorepublic.in

Storing Your Helmet Correctly

An improperly stored helmet can become damaged and may increase your risk of serious injury or death in an accident. You should:

  • Store helmet in a cool and dry place,
  • Keep helmet away from pets and other animals,
  • Keep helmet away from heat in excess of 50°and do not set on or near hot surfaces.

Always follow the wash and care instructions as per product manual, garment labels.