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Gloves Size Chart

Size Chart: Palm Measurement (in Inches)
  • Lay your dominant hand flat on a level surface
  • Keep the fingers together, palm facing upwards
  • Wrap a measuring tape around your palm, just below the knuckles, not including the thumb
  • Measure the circumference in inches
Size Inches
S 6.5 to 7.49
M 7.5 to 8.49
L 8.5 to 9.49
XL 9.5 to 10.49
2XL 10.5 to 11.49
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Bringing you the best of both worlds: race spec protection and daily use comfort. The Grid comes equipped with the same premium, top of the line KNOX SPS 404 protection used in the world’s most advanced gloves. Combine that with high density TPU protectors for knuckle and wrist, you have the best protection available for the Indian rider.


The Grid uses goatskin leather that is durable, light and naturally water resistant. It is the most comfortable leather to use in gloves due to its suppleness. We kept the thickness of the leather to the highest level possible(1.2 to 1.5mm) to ensure enhanced abrasion resistance.


Scaphold injuries are the most common hand injury in motorcycle accidents. These are caused by the grab effect when the palm of the hand makes contact with the ground. We chose the low profile KNOX SPS 303 for the Grid is because it is small enough to not interfere during day-to-day use but at the scaphold area. Because it is important, we worked with Knox to ensure we get the placement of the SPS absolutely correct-final production samples were physically verified at the Knox headquarters in London for approval before the production run.


On the Grid, HD TPU protectors are placed over the most critically exposed parts of the hand (the knuckles and the wrist) to better absorb impacts. Knuckle protectors are incorporated with floating panels and accordion panels to allow additional room for the movement when operating the clutch and brake. To increase the comfort, There are two layers of foam: one under the knuckle guard and the second layer that covers the back of the hand.


During a crash, Your pinky finger can encounter finger roll, causing a very painful injury. The ring and pinky fingers are stitched together in the grid to prevent this.


The Grid has an engineered super grip silicone panel attached at the purlicue(the area between forefinger and thumb) which offers much superior grip on the bars. Most other gloves have heat transfer branding detail in this area that does not significantly improve grip. You can run your finger on the grip panel to check this. Having a grippier palm allows you to hold the bars lightly while ensuring you are able to operate the throttle smoothly.


Regular leather does not register properly on touchscreen devices, making it difficult to operate your smartphone and gps units without removing the glove. The Grid has special conductive leather panels strategically placed on the index finger and thumb tips of both hands. This leather has properties that mimic a conductive path and enable operation of touch-sensitive electronic devices.


Strategically placed air inlets on the top of the fingers and perforated leather used throughout the Grid allow maximum airflow- a boon for the Indian climate.


The Grid comes with 3M reflective piping on the finger accordions for added night visibility.


Strategically placed soft viper on the left hand of the Grid helps clean the helmet visor in rainy conditions.

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