Polytron Metal Treatment Concentrate


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  • Maximizes fuel mileage (mpg) by up to 35+%, Keeps the engine / equipment parts completely clean.Extends maintenance intervals 4 – 7 times.Made In USA. Trusted worldwide. Our industry/military grade lubricants are ready for the most extreme applications.
  • Compatible With: Bikes, Cars, Heavy Trucks, Buses, Fleet, Diesel & Petrol Engines
  • POLYTRON MTC contributes to reduction in noise level and to lower operating temperature. May restore up to 95% of engine’s original compression.It will increase the reliability, longevity, efficiency, power, and eliminate wear on your equipment.
  • DIRECTION: General application rule: add 10% by volume or 5% for automatic transmission. For a conventional engine (up to 6 Qt oil capacity), apply Polytron MTC during oil change: fill the sump with motor oil of your choice ½ Qt less than specified, then add ½ Qt bottle of MTC.
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