Polytron Fuel Conditioner, Fuel Additive , 30 ml


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Polytron Ultra Performance Fuel Conditioner (FC) improves combustion, cleans, and lubricates working parts of the fuel system and upper engine. FC dissolves and removes carbon deposits and prevents future harmful build-up. FC improves fuel economy and overall engine performance, including MPG, power, torque, and stability. FC cleans the entire fuel system by specifically formulated industrial strength cleaning agents. FC eliminates up to 95% of wear of moving parts of the fuel system. When used regularly, exhaust pollutants are considerably reduced and helps pass a smog test. Used extensively in industrial applications, including power plants, transportation, factories, farms, and military, cars, trucks, Heavy-Duty Engines, motorbikes, diesel & petrol engines.

  • Maximizes fuel mileage (mpg) by up to 35+%, Cleans entire fuel system including injectors, intake valves, ports, valve seats, and combustion chamber. Removes water in fuel tank and lines
  • Compatible With: Bikes, Cars, Heavy Trucks, Buses, Fleet, Diesel & Petrol Engines
  • Contributes greatly to cleaner emissions; helps pass the smog test
  • DIRECTION: typically add 0.1% by volume of fuel or 2oz (60ml) of GDFC to every 15 gallons of fuel.
  • Pack Contains: 1 Polytron Fuel Conditioner 30 ml



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