Mahindra Mojo BS6 at ₹199900

A week ago Pune based Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited announced the price for the Mahindra Mojo BS6 at ₹199900 across India. This comes close on the heels of the release of its Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS variant that was launched in the middle of September 2019. While the original plan was to launch the vehicle at the start of the new financial year, the launch was delayed due to the ongoing global pandemic.

The Mahindra Mojo BS6 at ₹199900 is just 4,400 dearer that its predecessor the 2019 Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS (₹195500).

Mahindra Mojo BS6 at ₹199900 – The Mojology (gemology)

  • The new motorcycle has been developed jointly by the entire team taking key inputs from the Mojo Tribe and thus is a product that is born for the road.
  • The new color concept revolves around gemstones.
  • The deep rooted love for the motorcycle is often compared to the jewels in a crown.
  • Every motorcyclist has certain core characteristics that bond him / her with likeminded people.
  • Thereby forming a circle of positive synergy much like the effect of gemstones on its wearer.
  • Also, Mahindra Mojo ownership is not limited to the age of its owner.

Within minutes of the bookings being opened a Pune based motorcyclist booked the first Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS BSVI – a Ruby Red. As we understand, he is also one of the first owners of the Bajaj Dominar 400 in the country.  It is said that the touring prowess, long range and ergonomics of the Mahindra Mojo are the key drivers to the addition to his garage. We also understand that the thought came in after an interstate ride done on a friend’s Mahindra Mojo UT300 in November 2019.

Mahindra Mojo BS6 at ₹199900 *ex-showroom :

  • Black Pearl – ₹199900
  • Garnet Black – 2,06,000
  • Ruby Red  – 2,11,000
  • Red Agate  – 2,11,000

Mahindra Mojo BS6 technical Specifications:

The Colours are:

  • Garnet Black –

Garnet Black is a new treatment to the delta box swing arm and chassis areas. The rims too get red rim tapes to match. Garnet black is a fresh color combination to the base trim of the BSVI Mahindra Mojo. In its gemstone form Garnet helps in regulating blood circulation in body. It also reduces the likelihood of hemorrhages and inflammation while stimulating the hemoglobin count. Also, Garnet detoxifies the blood and keeps the heart healthy. Detoxifying oneself from the oddities of mundane lifestyles is one of the top most reasons most people go out on a ride in to the lap of nature.

Ruby Red –

Ruby Red is an all new two tone combination. This combination has been seen in owners who are muscle car fans and those who have wanted to make their own style statement.

Ruby red with its sun gifted powers offer warmth and compassion to its wearer. A major influencing factor is its capability to clear confusions. Similarly legend has it that motorcycling as a creative pursuit clears the mind of most disturbances and is can be considered as a “happy hobby”.

  • Black Pearl –

The black pearl is the BS6 version of the Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS. The two tone white black seat has been retained. The Black pearl stone is the harbinger of good luck, fortune and abundance in the life of the wearer. It offers protection from sudden death, accidents and mishaps. With its touring stance and muscular fuel tank the Mahindra Mojo has given great memoirs to its owners in abundance and added to their popularity in the Indian motorcycling scenario.

  • Red Agate –

Red Agate is the fourth and final colour of the series. This is the most popular colour combination on the Mahindra Mojo (XT) 300. The 2020 BS6 edition sees a better balance of colours this time around. The only change being an all-black under belly cover. The  solid black colour seat replaces the two tone white black seat.

This colour is based on the reddish gemstone which is usually used to strengthen the inner balance. It is said to keep negative energies at bay or converted into positive energy. The wearer of the red agate thus feels a positive energy and thus more self-confidence. This feeling exuberated by the Mojo Tribe members in every interaction.

Book your Mahindra Mojo BS6 at only Rs 5000/- today:

To know the price of the Mahindra Mojo BSVI in your city click here

Mahindra Mojo – The journey so far…

Released on 16th October 2015, the Mahindra Mojo (XT 300) made its mark as an adventure touring motorcycle. One of the first under 300cc motorcycles to sport the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres. The dual headlight certainly had mixed reactions. The refined engine has been noteworthy amongst all motoring enthusiasts. Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd is the first Indian company to offer dual channel exhaust system with removable Db killers. With or without which the motorcycle made for a head turning exhaust note within legally permissible limits.

The scaled down version – Mahindra Mojo UT 300 fed on a carburetor and belted out 24bhp from its single channel throaty exhaust. The all-black chassis and delta swing arm replaced the golden colour.  The UT 300 was sold in Black, solid Blue and Red Colours. While some changes seemed like a downgrade, it in fact added more muscle to this machine. The UT 300 got telescopic front forks with a brace for maximum durability.

Recap BS4 compliant 2019 Mahindra Mojo 300 ABS:
  • 4 Valve DOHC 295cc liquid cooled engine
  • Dual channel ABS system to aid the 320mm (front) and 240mm (rear) petal brakes
  • 110/70/R17 and 140/70/R17 tyres
  • Single sided Exhaust setup
  • Telescopic front forks with brace and rear gas charged forks
  • 21 litres fuel tank
  • Available colours – Black and Blue
  •  The ABS version reintroduced the fuel injection system with all-purpose Pirelli Angel CT tyres.

Like its predecessor the Mojo 300 ABS, the all-new motorcycle is not just BSVI compliant. The new Mahindra Mojo has retained the core fuel injected ABS system.

The difference in power figures has been compensated with:

  • An ECU remap and tuning
  • 5 additional relays for efficient electrical load & ECU management
  • Improved torque
  • The Mahindra Mojo BS6 also offers up to 10% increase in fuel economy (under standard test conditions)
  • Two choice of tyres – this is a trim level dependant feature
  • Customers can choose from a host of company fitted accessories for their touring needs
  • Additionally customers can also accessorize themselves with a host of Mojo branded Riding gear

The price increase in order to meet the new BS6 norms was imminent. Almost all motorcycle brands in its segment have migrated to the new compliance platform. At the outset it may seem like the Mahindra Mojo BS6 is a late entrant to the new compliance norm. However the Mojo 300 ABS arrived in September 2019 and in less than a year it takes the fight to the competition.

 Accessorize your Mahindra Mojo 300 with a wide range of accessories like:

  • Fog lamp mount with Fog lamps (sold separately)
  • Red/White Mojo Riding Jacket
  • Front Guard
  • Integrated Carrier and Saddle stays
  • Mojo Mobile Holder
  • Bike Cover
  • Mojo branded Hybrid and full face helmets
  • Custom built Magnetic tank bag
  • Mojo branded Saddle bags
  • White/black Mojo Riding Jacket
  • Riding Gloves

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