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Introduced by GIVI to broaden its range of applications and uses.
The MONOLOCK® system is favored by leading motorcycle manufacturers, who have adopted it for their own original accessories.
It is compatible with various types of scooters and motorcycles and is incredibly easy to use. Just like MONOKEY®, the same key opens the cover and releases the motorcycle/scooter top case from the plate.

Both the lid and bottom portion of the box are deep enough to fit many items. Being boxy means you can insert items easier as there are no odd angles. There is more than enough space for a GIVI rainsuit and small backpack.

The Monolock® locking system makes life a whole lot easier when closing the box – you only have to pull the lid down until it clicks. Opening is by way of unlocking with the key, pressing the large button and lifting the lid.

The box is also lightweight, despite being made of super-tough and long-lasting PP (polypropylene), making it easy for you to detach and carry off the motorcycle.

The B32N Bold is the best choice if you want a simple and compact hard luggage.

B32 Bold Top Case – Givi

  • Tough and long-lasting PP material.
  • 32-litre storage capacity.
  • Fits one full-face helmet.
  • Waterproof against rain.
  • Boxy shape allowing for ease of carrying items.
  • Carries up to 3kg with the MV mount, 5kg with the HRV mount.
  • Monolock® security system – only one “click” to lock.

Part No. B32NMAL

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